Santa Monica Academy takes great pride in offering a learning experience that we believe is second to none. We are committed to providing educational services that are both enriching and transformative. However, we’d like to clarify some terms regarding our payment policies.

First and foremost, we have a strict policy of not offering refunds on lessons or packages that have been paid for. We understand that circumstances may arise that prevent you from attending the lesson or using the purchased package, but we believe it is important to uphold this policy for several reasons.

The primary reason being that our team of educators invests a significant amount of time and effort into preparing each lesson. This includes customizing the lesson plan to suit the individual needs of our students, setting up the necessary resources, and ensuring that our teachers are adequately equipped to deliver the highest level of education.

When a lesson is booked and paid for, it means that we’ve dedicated these resources to that particular time slot, and thus, reimbursing the cost would be counterproductive. Similarly, we want to emphasize that our lessons and packages are not transferable. This means that, once a lesson or package has been purchased under your name, it cannot be transferred to another student.

This is a measure we’ve implemented to maintain the integrity of our learning process and to ensure that our tailored teaching approach is specific to the individual student. Each of our students is unique, with different levels of understanding, learning styles, and objectives.

Our lessons are customized to those characteristics, and transferring these to someone else could disrupt the consistency and effectiveness of the learning process. Lastly, we have a policy that all purchased lessons or packages expire after six months. This means that you have a six-month window to schedule and complete all your lessons from the date of purchase.

We’ve found that this time frame encourages students to consistently engage in their learning process and prevents them from procrastinating. It’s a way to keep our students motivated and moving forward in their educational journey. Plus, it ensures that the lessons remain relevant and timely, as the educational landscape is continuously evolving. In summary, while we are committed to providing an enriching learning experience, we have certain policies in place that we strictly adhere to.

These include no refunds on paid lessons or packages, non-transferability of purchased lessons or packages, and an expiration date of six months post-purchase. These policies are designed to ensure that our students receive the best possible service while maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of our academy.


When it comes to our cancellation policy, it’s been designed with a view to accommodating unforeseen circumstances that could potentially result in a schedule change. We understand that life can be unpredictable and, as such, we’ve made provisions for this. However, we also need to respect our instructors’ time and the resources that are invested in planning each lesson.

With these considerations in mind, we have a tiered policy structure that depends on the notice period given for the cancellation. If you find that you need to cancel a booked lesson, we request that you provide us with as much notice as possible. Specifically, if the cancellation is made more than 48 hours ahead of the scheduled lesson time, we can usually reassign the instructor to another student without much of a disruption in their schedule.

Consequently, in these situations, we are more than happy to say that no fee will be applicable to you. This allows us plenty of time to notify the instructor, and it also means that we can potentially slot in another student who may have been waiting for an available time. However, as the cancellation window shrinks, the impact on our operations increases.

Therefore, if the cancellation notice falls within a 24 to 48-hour timeframe prior to the lesson, it becomes more challenging for us to manage. We may not always be able to fill the slot at such short notice, and the instructor’s time, which was previously booked for you, might go unused.

As such, in these instances, we will be compelled to levy a $20 cancellation fee. This is a necessary measure to compensate for the resources and time that have been committed.

Finally, if the cancellation notice is given less than 24 hours before the lesson, it leaves us with little to no time to reallocate the instructor or fill the now vacant slot with another student. It becomes almost impossible for us to mitigate the impact of such a last-minute cancellation on our schedule and resources.

In these cases, we regret to inform you that the full fee for the lesson will be charged. This policy is, unfortunately, a requirement for us to ensure that we can continue to provide the high-quality lessons and services that our students have come to expect.

We hope you understand the reasons behind these policies and appreciate your cooperation. As always, our goal is to ensure that each lesson is beneficial to our students and that we use our resources in the most efficient manner possible.


As per the established rules and regulations of┬áSanta Monica Tennis Academy (SMTA), it is explicitly mentioned that the organization shall not be held accountable or liable for any physical harm, injury, or health-related issue that may occur during the period of lessons or coaching sessions. This applies to all individuals participating in our programs, regardless of the sports discipline they’re involved in.

Santa Monica Tennis Academy is a company committed to fostering the growth and development of sports enthusiasts, offering a wide array of training programs across various sports. We recognize the inherent risk involved in sports training and despite all our efforts to ensure safe training conditions, we also understand that injuries are sometimes an unfortunate part of athletic undertakings. Though we strive to maintain an environment conducive to safe learning and practicing, certain inherent risks associated with physical activity cannot be completely eliminated.

These risks can range from minor injuries such as muscle strains and sprains to more serious ones like fractures and concussions. Consequently, we strongly encourage all participants to ensure they are in good health before participating in any of our programs and to equip themselves with appropriate safety gear.

Our coaches and trainers are highly qualified and experienced, and they prioritize the safety of our participants above all else. They conduct each training session with the utmost care, ensuring all safety guidelines are adhered to. However, despite all precautions, unforeseen accidents may happen. When participating in sports, there is always a certain degree of risk involved.

This is why we advocate for personal responsibility when it comes to safety during sports training. In the unfortunate event of an injury during a session, it is important to note that Santa Monica Tennis Academy, its coaches, trainers, or any other staff members are not liable.

This is clearly outlined in our agreement that is signed prior to participation in any of our programs. Specifically, each participant or their legal guardian, in the case of minors, is required to read, understand and sign our liability waiver, effectively releasing the association from any claims related to injuries.

We would like to reiterate the fact that while Santa Monica Tennis Academy respects and values the safety and well-being of its participants, the responsibility of avoiding injuries lies largely with the individual participants. As such, they are advised to handle their physical health with care, be aware of their limitations, and always follow the safety instructions given by the coaches or trainers.

By participating in Santa Monica Tennis Academy programs, individuals implicitly understand and acknowledge the potential risks involved and agree that the association is not liable for any injuries that may occur during the course of their lessons or coaching sessions.

This policy forms a part of the overall terms and conditions that govern the relationship between Santa Monica Tennis Academy and its members.