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Tennis is easy to learn and is great exercise for any age group. Santa Monica Tennis Academy provides customized classes based on each student’s situation and need. 

We teach fundamental form and tennis skills, and help players refine technique at their own learning pace. We educate clients about how to develop a healthy lifestyle and elevate their fitness level. For current club or tournament players, we take you to the next level.

For juniors, playing tennis puts them on the right track while growing up. It builds confidence and keeps them strong. Playing tennis keeps young people active and even helps them develop social skills. We have worked with many top-level junior players. With the right training, we have given them the opportunity to play at the college level.

For seniors, staying active prevents illness and injury and keeps them in good health. Playing tennis gets seniors involved in the tennis community, and helps them meet new people and make new friends. You do not need to start off in great shape to pick up tennis as a sport and activity. Our tennis coaches will get you there!

It is never too late to learn tennis. Join Santa Monica Tennis Academy today!

Tennis programs

Santa Monica Tennis Academy has developed unique coaching programs designed for any level of player.


Santa Monica Tennis Academy is the foundation for future tennis stars, with over 20 years of experience in Southern California. Our programs focus on depth of feel training, hand-eye coordination drills, and base foundation training. We also offer footwork and speed drills, swing and serve technique programs, and comprehensive match preparation and analysis to help junior players unlock their full potential


We offer specialized programs for seniors, focusing on core body movement training, joint and limb strength, and flexibility exercises. Our services also include swing and serve analysis, technique and match strategy development, and hand-eye coordination drills. Embrace tennis for a healthier and more active lifestyle by signing up today!


At Santa Monica Tennis Academy, we have been helping professional tennis players achieve the results they need to stay in top form for their next tournament. You can expect to learn: Advanced footwork drill Speed training In-depth match analysis Match strategy Swing and serve analysis Core strength and endurance training. Click the button below to get started with private lessons today!


Our coaches cater to both seasoned players and newcomers to tennis. Our programs are designed to elevate your game, featuring swing and serve analysis, player match strategy profiling, and drills for footwork and hand-eye coordination. We also offer speed training and core strength exercises to enhance your overall performance

2024 tennis summer camp

The Santa Monica Tennis Academy tennis summer camp program registration is now open for 2024. Reserve your child's spot today!

Proven Results

For over 25 years, the coaches at Santa Monica Tennis Academy have helped countless students take their game to the next level!

“Evert has been helping me a lot to raise my game and get me ready for tournaments. I was ranked top 10 in the world as a junior and if you need professional coaching and training is the place to go.”

— Adrien P.

SMTA Student & UCLA Player


Get started with your tennis training today! At Santa Monica Tennis Academy, we provide professional tennis coaching for all skill levels.

Standard Lesson

Includes 1 Hour of Training​
$ 160
  • Analysis & Insights
  • Private Tennis Lesson
  • Result Measurement

Pro Lessons

Includes 10 Hours of Training​
$ 1600
  • 10 Hours of Private 1-on-1 Training
  • Advanced Analytics & Insights
  • Match Preparation & Training ​
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