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Over past 20 years Santa Monica Tennis Academy has developed some of the best tennis programs in Souther California for all level of players. We are committed to achieving every one of our student's goals.

Santa Monica Tennis Academy provides customized classes based on each student's situation and need. We teach fundamental form and tennis skills, and help players refine technique at their own learning pace. We educate clients about how to develop a healthy lifestyle and elevate their fitness to a new level.


At Santa Monica Tennis Academy, we have been helping professional tennis players achieve the results they need to stay in top form for their next tournament.

  • Advanced footwork drill
  • Speed training
  • In-depth match analysis
  • Match strategy
  • Swing and serve analysis
  • Core strength and endurance training
Professional Tennis Player
Adult Tennis Player


Whether you were a top high school or college player, or have been looking to get into tennis, Santa Monica Tennis Academy has the programs to take your game to the next level.

  • Swing and serve analysis
  • Player match strategy profile
  • Footwork and hand-eye cordination drills
  • Speed training
  • Core strength training


This is where it all starts. Santa Monica Tennis Academy has been training top junior players in Southern California for over 20 years. Our programs have been developed to help junior players gain the core skills and technique required to take palyers to their full potential.

  • Depth of feel training
  • Hand-eye coordination drills
  • Base foundation training
  • Footwork and speed drills
  • Swing and serve technique programs
  • Match preperation and analysis
Junior Tennis Player
Senior Tennis Player


It's never too late to get into tennis, a sport that you can enjoy your whole life. Santa Monica Tennis Academy has developed unique programs designed to give seniors the exercise they need to stay in top health, while at the same time improving their tennis game.

  • Core body movement training
  • Joint and limb strength and flexibility training
  • Swing and serve analysis
  • Technique and match strategy
  • Hand-eye coordination drills



Thanks for contacting us!


Thanks for contacting us!